Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment in the overall dental, medical and psychological well being of children and adults. Financial obstacles should not inhibit our desire to achieve a beautiful and confident smile. As we feel so strongly about this, we provide a range of payment options.

Paying over time:
There is a nominal down payment and the balance is paid over the length of the treatment. (No interest is charged as long as the payments are on time.)

Dental Insurance:
If you have extra’s insurance which covers orthodontics we will work with you so that you receive your maximum benefit. You can also claim 20% of your out of pocket cost on the Australian tax rebate. It is available for any amount over and above the first $1500 spent on all dental and medical costs combined. We advise you confirm these details with your accountant or the Australian Tax Office in case the current conditions change.

Automatic Credit Card Payments:
We encourage automatic payments from your credit card. When payments are due, we will charge your credit card for your orthodontic treatment. You simply just have to complete the authorization form that we will provide for you. If you find this method of payment does not work for you, you may stop it at any time.

Payment in full at time of banding:
If paid in full at the beginning of banding treatment, a 5% discount will be offered. Discounts also apply if we treat more than one family member.

Initial consultation fees are due on the day of consultation and we accept cash, cheque and EFTPOS. Initial consultation services are claimable with your private health fund as they are categorized under ‘general dental’.

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