Keeping your teeth and braces clean

As soon as your braces are fitted they start to align you teeth. You must look after your teeth and braces or treatment may take longer than normal.

Brushing should take at least 5 minutes and this should be done at least 2-3 times per day – after each meal.

  • The most important area to brush is between the braces and the gums. This area “traps” a lot of food and plaque forms quickly. Using your Curacept toothpaste and special Ortho toothbrush, place the brush between the braces and the gums, with a small circular motion at a 45-degree angle to the tooth.
  • Next, using the same brushing action and angulations, clean around all of the brackets and wires. Firstly clean from the tops of the wires, then from the bottom. Always remember to clean the top and bottom teeth separately.
  • Don’t forget all the other surfaces of the teeth as well (inner tongue surface and chewing surface).
  • Rinse using Curacept Mouthwash and check in the mirror carefully to ensure that all of the food and debris is gone!
  • Use your interproximal brush once a day! This brush is a great helper for those hard to clean areas, especially for under your wires and between your brackets.

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