Success Stories

Corey had a "bite"  where his upper teeth covered all of his lower teeth, as the lower jaw was underdeveloped.

Age 14

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Joshua had a “bite” where his upper teeth were behind his lower teeth, as the upper jaw bone was underdeveloped.

Age 9

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Emily had Incognito braces just on the top and bottom 6 teeth to fix her gap inbetween her front teeth.

Age 26

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Zoe had an open bite due to a thumb sucking habit which resulted in difficulty eating and speaking properly.

Age 9

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Brooke was a young lady getting married who wanted her pictures to look perfect on her big day and to be able to simle showing all of her teeth. 

Age 25

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Nick's teeth did not meet well. He was grinding his teeth and wanted them straightened.

Age 15

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Ashleigh was self conscious about her smile but she now understands all hard work was worth it and now she cant stop showing her smile off.

Age 16

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Radhika wanted to close all the gaps in her teeth. She achieved this wonderful result with Invisalign.

Age 25

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