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Why Choose Chisholm Orthodontics?

Relaxed & Comfortable

Our team strive to create a comfortable environment to ensure you feel relaxed during your time with us.

High Quality of

Making sure each patient is well looked after is very important to us, you can be certain that our team will take care of you.

Helpful & Friendly

No matter your concern, we will take the time to understand your personal situation judgement free.

Individualised Care With The Orthodontist Each Time

We acknowledge that everyone is different, therefore we provide tailored care to our patients.

Meet Dr Neena

Dr Neena Chisholm is a specialised trained orthodontist. This training extended for 3 years and focussed exclusively on the field of orthodontics. She holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics from the University of Adelaide and Edinburgh.

Dr Neena Chisholm’s areas of interest include early treatment of children to help jaw growth and aesthetic treatment in adults (Invisalign and lingual braces). Neena is an accredited Invisalign practitioner.

Contact Our Friendly Team For All Your Orthodontic Needs

Services We Offer

First Visit

Come and see us for your first consultation, we offer full oral examinations and x-rays.


There are a range of benefits of early treatment, contact us today for all your preventative measures.


For all your braces needs, we provide both metal and clear options to suit your preferences.


Straighten your teeth without anyone knowing, we can discuss how Invisalign can help you gain your confidence again.


Considering non-visible braces? We offer incognito braces thatattach to the inside of your teeth.

Oral Hygiene

We have a range of mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush recommendations and advice to keep your mouth healthy.

Read Some of Our Success Stories!

Jayden, Age 7

Jayden had an underbite with severe crowding. He was treated non surgically with early intervention.

Brannon, Age 11

Brannon presented with severe crowding and a crossbite.

Ethan, Age 7

Ethan had a deep traumatic bite with significant crowding and a cross bite.

Our Process

Get In Touch

Call us to make a consultation appointment today! Our friendly reception staff will organise an appointment time that is most suitable for you.

Book An Appointment

Once our staff make a suitable time, they will carefully explain to you the process you will go through and what your first appointment will entail.

Come In For A Consult

Taking approximately 40 minutes, we will take digitised photographs and radiographs. Dr Chisholm will examination the findings, formulating a customised treatment plan.

Implementing The Treatment Plan

Once the treatment recommendations have been understood, a suitable payment plan is organised followed by a series of visits being booked.

Ongoing Care

With orthodontic treatment, there will be routine visits with Dr Chisholm, where the frequency of each visit will depend on the type of treatment.


Congratulations we are at the finish line! Once the teeth are in a stable position, Dr Chisholm will take completion radiographs, followed by removing the braces.